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We believe that connection between people is necessary towards making real and impactful change.

Food Donation Volunteers


We work with different non-profit organizations by creating fundraising events, interacting with donors in a fun and interactive way towards making global impact.

Fan Cheering

Global Team

We encourage diversity and we have an international team of changemakers ready to take action.

Walking in Nature


By working with different charities we can expand our global impact. Our strategies bring awareness and action plans to our donors so we can work with these charities towards making positive change.





Helping to expand our clients donor base and retention one step at a time. Our goal is simple, exceeding our clients expectations and working towards helping their cause. Our passion lies in bringing a creative voice to the companies we work with and helping them to meet their goals to make the world a better place.

Non-Profit Fundraising

In order to create a high ROI for our clients, we take the time to understand their target audience and market. We know how to effectively target the right audience based upon our research and findings. Through this, we are able to expand into new markets allowing us to gain new clients, implement our effective marketing strategies, and build client relationships. 

Client relations 

We take the time to  genuinely get to know the wants and needs of our non-profit partners clients. Through our effective in-person campaigns, we believe that we provide the direct, human touch which allows us to fully understand the clients vision for their brand and how our services can help to implement long standing change within their company. 


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